"Improving Mine Efficiencies"

Supporting tasks to the extraction process are areas where great efficiencies can be made.

A focus of the L-MUVA project was to identify a vehicle that contributed to reliability of transport of the variety of mine personnel engaged in various and complex duties. The required result was that geologists, surveyors, supervisors, miner or tradesmen have a common platform, meeting each vocations requirements, and increasing productivity safer.


"L-MUVA - strength in design & smart material construction equals reliability and high availability with inherent economy"

Mines are often located in the most remote areas of the planet. A secondary focus was to produce a vehicle that was easily located and able to be maintained anywhere, therefore consisting of commonly used hardware and components already in place at mine sites. Deutz and Parker Hannifin were a logical choice.

L-MUVA: "Low Maintenance, High Availability" Utility Vehicle

designed for Underground Mining



An Australian Company has produced the quintessential underground mining service vehicle, the most manoeuvrable to be found in any mine, the most useful and cost effective. Although small in stature, current models will carry up to eight tonnes of equipment, men and supplies with the highest availability of any mine vehicle.


Add to this vehicle’s accomplishments an Australian built portable Mine Refuges for four or eight persons and you have a self-contained pressurised Mine Rescue vehicle that can be prepared in ten minutes from mine freighter to life saver.


The combination rescue vehicle is also prepared for autonomous operation using a photo recognition positioning system I.e. It can be driven by an onboard operator, by a remote based operator or sent to an event autonomously in a suitable equipped mining operation.


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