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Presententation - L-MUVA

Comprehensive review and sales information to support your decision in selecting the L-MUVA.

About ADiT Engineering & the L-MUVA

Find out about us...

Introducing the L-MUVA = Low Maintenance Utility Vehicle by ADiT

  • Full cabin tilt to enable easy access to the engine

  • Easy to wheel motors

  • Easy access to hydraulic pump and hoses

  • Major component suppliers and service providers - Parker & Penske

We are the design manufacturers of the LMUVA.  The most exciting vehicle available on the market for mining and tunnelling projects in the world.

LMUVA the Versatility!!

Multi-Purpose, Low Maintenance, Heavy Duty, Mine & Tunnelling Support Utility proudly designed, assembled and manufactured in Australia by ADiT Engineering.

Single Person Operation

Checkout the Elevated Work Platform (Scissor Lift) with Basket Drive

  • Up to 5.2m, 500kg lift capacity, up to 10 degrees of tilt adjustment

  • Low CoG and superior stability, tilt sensor for safety over-ride, EStop

  • One person operation with full basket drive capability

  • Alternate ground level controls, independent hydraulic system

  • Internal hand rails & anchor points, LED work lights

  • AS1418.10 Compliant

360 View of the LMUVA

  • Rust resistant, low carbon steel

  • Non-pneumatic tyres

  • 100mm diameter wheel trunnions and bushes

  • No CV's or Universal Joints

  • Improved component life

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