Achieving Cost Improvement

The returns from improving productivity of Mine Personnel through their uninhibited access to their work and consequent utilisation cannot be understated but has to be hand-in-hand with management, communications and technology in a modern mine.

Production of an efficient vehicle requires the use of expensive materials. The entry cost is higher however the operational cost and the longevity of this capital item more than balances this higher entry cost.

“The L-MUVA Project has Achieved:”

Reliability is returned in increased personnel productivity.

Maintenance savings are in reduced parts cost, labour hours, management resources.

Longevity results in a lower capital cost over the period of a project.

There is no value in a regular 12 month old mine utility. Our project vehicle will retain value for ten years.

L-MUVA: "Low Maintenance, High Availability" Utility Vehicle

designed for Underground Mining



An Australian Company has produced the quintessential underground mining service vehicle, the most manoeuvrable to be found in any mine, the most useful and cost effective. Although small in stature, current models will carry up to eight tonnes of equipment, men and supplies with the highest availability of any mine vehicle.


Add to this vehicle’s accomplishments an Australian built portable Mine Refuges for four or eight persons and you have a self-contained pressurised Mine Rescue vehicle that can be prepared in ten minutes from mine freighter to life saver.


The combination rescue vehicle is also prepared for autonomous operation using a photo recognition positioning system I.e. It can be driven by an onboard operator, by a remote based operator or sent to an event autonomously in a suitable equipped mining operation.


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