"Technical Strengths"

The L-MUVA design is the economic versatile vehicle for demanding areas underground.

Using stronger construction materials and componentry such as Parker, IQAN, Penske and Deutz. The L-MUVA is designed to outlast all other service vehicles and provide greater reliability and availability.

The engine, drive and control components are available “off the shelf” from many of the main supply companies to the mining industry, meaning, many of your existing relationships will already be able to support your servicing and repair part needs.

The four-wheel drive platforms life is typically two years. L-MUVA platform life is typically ten years.

Do more with L-MUVA:

Six-wheel drive or optional eight-wheel drive provides exceptional weight carrying capability and provides a platform for carrying equipment underground that the four-wheel drive simply cannot do. L-MUVA will remove the need to employ the larger vehicles that cater for the deficiencies of the four-wheel drive.

L-MUVA: "Low Maintenance, High Availability" Utility Vehicle

designed for Underground Mining



An Australian Company has produced the quintessential underground mining service vehicle, the most manoeuvrable to be found in any mine, the most useful and cost effective. Although small in stature, current models will carry up to eight tonnes of equipment, men and supplies with the highest availability of any mine vehicle.


Add to this vehicle’s accomplishments an Australian built portable Mine Refuges for four or eight persons and you have a self-contained pressurised Mine Rescue vehicle that can be prepared in ten minutes from mine freighter to life saver.


The combination rescue vehicle is also prepared for autonomous operation using a photo recognition positioning system I.e. It can be driven by an onboard operator, by a remote based operator or sent to an event autonomously in a suitable equipped mining operation.


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